Thor the Bearded Dragon

Hey guys! This is Taylor and Thor. We are here to spread bearded dragon awareness. Our goal is to educate new beardie moms and dads so they can raise happy and healthy lizards, as well as share our adventures with you all.

I got Thor when he was just eight weeks old. I went to my local pet store that day to look at the possibilities of getting a catfish, but then I saw little Thor. He was a little guy, but standing tall and proud on his log, basking under his heat lamp. I thought he was the cutest damn thing. An employee asked if I would like to hold him. How could I say no? Just a moment later, without even thinking, I told the employee I would like to take him home. Little did I know this little lizard would become my best pal.

Thor and I were inseparable. Even my boyfriend was jealous of how much time and attention I gave Thor. I didn’t know much about reptiles at the time, but I soon found out Thor had a personality of his own. We took naps together, ate meals together, snuggled every chance we got. I realized how personable these guys could be and I became very interested in the bearded dragon community. That’s when I found out I still had much to learn.

I made the mistake of not doing any research at all when I got Thor. The pet store, like most pet stores, did not do a great job on informing me on the things Thor would need to live a long, happy life. When I got Thor he had a small 20 gallon tank. His substrate was paper towels, which isn’t terrible. But his heat lamp was red colored and his UVB was terribly incorrect. I don’t even know what his temps were at the time. It took months before I actually got everything down perfectly and I’m happy I did before it could have affected Thor in a negative way. I felt terrible.

I eventually found some bearded dragon groups on Facebook. There is an entire bearded dragon community I hadn’t even learned about yet! I connected with people who treat their dragons like their babies, just like me! I learned so much from these guys. But I quickly learned how there’s also people out there who don’t know a thing about caring for their beardie and just think of them as an easy pet. I developed a passion for rescuing sick/mistreated bearded dragons. I even work with a local aquatic and reptile rescue up here!

While I can’t help everyone understand how awesome a bearded dragon companion can be, I can at least try to help educate them so the beardie can live a long, happy life. I hope through this blog Thor and I can change the perspective for those who see them as just an ordinary reptile or easy pet. Thanks for reading! 🙂